Closing Doors And New Opportunities

Sometimes you need to shut one door before new ones begin to open up to you.

Which means:

– You need to decide that you’re giving up on a project or business venture before ideas for a new venture show up.
– You need to make a firm decision to move on from an old job or career for new opportunities and ideas to show up.
– You need make a decision to change city or country before new options come up and before chance conversations come your way to create opportunities.

Intuitively we all know this to be true don’t we?


The 5 Stages of Reinvention

1. The Trigger

Something happens which stops you in your tracks:

• Major changes at work which make you think… “Is this what I really want?”
• Redundancy
• A major health problem (for you or a family member)
• The death of a close friend or family member
• A divorce or major a relationship break-up
• Financial difficulties
• Extended travel or volunteering activities that make you question what you’re doing with your life
• External factors that move you (e.g. 9/11, the tsunami in Asia, earthquake in Haiti)

Tip: Remember, everything happens for a reason. Some of the worst things that happen to you will teach you the biggest lessons. Sounds very clichéd – but in years to come, you’ll know them to be true.